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NGV Shifting Gear Paper Craft Workshop

The handy Studio Shifting GearThe handy studio 01-ShiftingGear The handy studio 08-ShiftingGear The handy studio 07-ShiftingGear The handy studio 06-ShiftingGear The handy studio 05-ShiftingGear The handy studio 04-ShiftingGear The handy studio 03-ShiftingGear The handy studio 02-ShiftingGear

Now that’s some paper crafted perfection right there! am I right or am I right? (Yes your RIGHT!)

I was lucky enough to be asked to hold a workshop for the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) new exhibition ‘Shifting Gear’ which is all about car design and how it’s evolved over the years. So with my trusty box full of magical crafting materials I headed over to NGV to whip up some paper crafted racing cars with a bunch of super talented kids!

The best thing about running workshops for kids is that you never know what your going to get out of them and usually its going to be 10x more creative then what you may have had in mind. I also love being able to inspire/set a ticker in their minds to think outside the box and to create something that they could only dream of. (I believe we did exactly that on the day.)

I have to give a special applause to a 10 year old boy named Will who smashed his car out of the park by not just making a really awesome ride but for finishing first and then going on to create the backdrop for the photo shoot! (He created cone trees and clouds of dust to make it look like the cares had movement.) Thats what you call skills!

Models created during the Creative Encounters: Shifting Gear program, National Gallery of Victoria, 2015.
Photography by: Predgard Cancar

Eat.Me.Do Scented Sticker

icecream2E3Well the Ice-scream Collection wouldn’t be complete without a scented sticker! (well obviously)

I also got to illustrate a delicious looking ice-cream for Eat.Me.Do to send out with every purchase. If you would like one of these bubblegum smelling stickers head over to www.eatmedo.com and make a purchase.

Eat.Me.Do Prop Design

E4E2E1E5eatmedoLaunchEarlier this year I had the privilege to work for fashion & jewellery brand Eat.Me.Do on their Ice-Scream Collection’s photo shoot and launch party! This has been one of the most fun and exciting projects that I got to do this year (as if playing with paper and glue to make giant 3D ice-creams isn’t the bulls balls). With that said here are a few of the paper crafted items I made for the shoot and event.

Take a look at the entire range “IT’S DELICIOUS” at www.eatmedo.com and you might just not stop drooling.

Hide & Seek

hide&seek_ instapic1

Hide & Seek, Limited edition of 12.

Ceramics are something I have been extremely interested for a while now, I don’t really know what it is? from the shapes to the patterns to the texture. I think of myself as a collector of interesting objects and I do have a vast variety of odd objects that I do love. But haven’t yet dove in to looking for ceramics until very recently and I think this could just be the start of my illustrations revolving around whatever obsession I have at that moment.

This print is up in my online shop and ill keep you posted on my ceramic hunt and what ill obsess over next.

Pot Head Gocco Print

IMG_5103 IMG_5105 IMG_5116 IMG_5124

Well Hello there Mr Pot head!

I hadn’t made a gocco print in a while and I really wanted to… so I did. Recently I have been very inspired by ceramics and plant life and it’s pretty much the only thing that is on my mind and flowing through to my drawings at the moment so why not let it happen.

This lille guy is a multi colour gocco print with some extra special silver ink! He will be up in my online shop within the week. 

The Handy Studio Stickers


Wow look at all those amazing stickers shaped as hands!!! Oh thank you they are pretty special aren’t they!

I am thrilled to share my new stickers that I had made, I now have something to seal packages instead of using sticky tape and ripping it with my teeth! The glory of having your own personalised stickers just makes you super happy; come on people buy some of my things and you too could share in its beauty! 

Howler Design Market

IMG_5175 IMG_5172 Donut donut_pack IMG_5553 IMG_5539

A few weeks back I did my very first market!!! I know how exciting right? Well yes!

I was so excited to share my work with a whole new group of people and to get feedback in to what people actually like instead of counting the likes I receive on a photo on instagram. I had a bunch of new prints some of which were limited editions. (oh so fancy) I think the most fun I had during the day was that one of my besties Sandra Hennes fellow designer AKA Egypt was there with me the entire day and we got to make paper crystals with the kids. (Craft table pic above).

If you would like to check out any of my prints you can at thehandystudio online shop and if something you have seen here is not up you can simply shoot me an email at thehandystudio@gmail.com